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Hi, I'm Ian. I made this website as part of my freelance business Objektiv Digital. If you're visiting this website, I either told you about it, or someone I know has. This website is in early development stages, but has a solid foundation for creating a website that brings your art front-and-center. If you're trying it out, I'd love to hear your feedback (send an email to You can create your own art portfolio website and point your own domain to it (and the site will still work!).

My primary goal with this project is 100% white label portfolio websites for artists. These websites cost $25/month billed annually ($5/month for currently enrolled North Island College students), but you're free to sign up and use it for free until I send you an invoice (after about 30 days of use). By signing up, you agree to these terms. For those that pay their first undiscounted annual fee, you are entitled to a new feature (or multiple features) that take no more than 5 hours of my time to build.

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